Easy Pizza Burgers by Giada De Laurentiis Are Perfect for Barbecues


Easy Pizza Burgers by Giada De Laurentiis Are Perfect for Barbecues

Do you enjoy pizza and burgers? Giada De Laurentiis’ Burgers a la Pizzaiola recipe combines the two. When the Food Network chef combines pizza and burgers, she gives the American classic an Italian twist.

With this burger recipe, Giada De Laurentiis has the food processor ‘do all the work.’

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When Giada de Laurentiis made these burgers on her Food Network show, Giada at Home, she stated that she delegated the majority of the job to one kitchen gadget.

As she added fresh basil, De Laurentiis continued, “The food processor is going to do all the job.”

Not only is it quick and easy — no more standing in the kitchen for 20 minutes or more slicing everything by hand — but De Laurentiis claims it also results in a superior burger.

“The reason I prefer cooking it in here is just because everything is the same size and it kind of melts into the burger as it cooks, which is really good,” De Laurentiis remarked.

The pizza burgers created by De Laurentiis are easily modifiable.

On the Food Network set, Giada De Laurentiis used to snack on “all the wrong foods.”

Instead of creating traditional burgers, try De Laurentiis’ Burgers a la Pizzaiola for your next BBQ. They’re “everything we love about pizza and pizza toppings in a burger,” according to Giada at Home.

They’re a fun take on a barbeque classic, and they’re easy to alter, making them even better for a picnic. Sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and garlic were among the ingredients used by the Food Network star in the recipe.

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