Early Leaks And Spoilers In ‘Black Clover’ Chapter 301 Indicate Rill’s New Spell And More


Early Leaks And Spoilers In ‘Black Clover’ Chapter 301 Indicate Rill’s New Spell And More

The manga returns after a one-week hiatus, with the war against the mighty Megicula continuing. Online leaks and teasers for Chapter 301 of “Black Clover” tease Asta’s arrival and Rill’s new spell.

NiteBaron, a Twitter user, has released the newest spoilers and leaks from Chapter 301 of “Black Clover.” During a battle, Rill casts a spell called Twilight of Valhalla, which increases the magical abilities of his companions.

Charlotte will use her newfound magical abilities to break the spell. In the meantime, Asta delivers Lolopechika to Noelle.

Megicula becomes enraged when more allies arrive, and she uses her 100 disciples, who perished during experiments, to fight for her as living dead fighters.

Noelle learns she has affections for Asta after experiencing a sudden burst of vigor after his arrival in Chapter 301 of “Black Clover.” She can also now relaunch the Saint Stage. Noelle might use her Saint Stage form to take on Megicula again near the end of the chapter.

Megicula was awestruck by Gaja’s wonderful magic in the previous chapter. She commended his efforts but reminded him that her body was protected by a curse that allowed her to recover quickly.

Because of Megicula’s curse, Noelle was unable to activate her Saint Stage, signaling the end of the heroes’ quest.

Noelle, who appeared irritated, started a counter-offensive on the devil. Megicula was taken aback when she saw Noelle fighting back. Noelle would never win a fight against the devil in the Decaying World, the devil knew.

Noelle stood up again and informed Megicula that her greatest strength as a human was her refusal to give up. Megicula was enthralled by Noelle’s willingness to risk her life for her loved ones.

The devil decided to put an end to things by destroying Lolopechka with the Curse Warding Magic titled Exploding Life. Megicula declared that she would detonate Lolopechka and wipe out all of the humans in the castle.

She went on to say that after the disaster, she will fully appear here.

This Sunday, fans may read Chapter 301 of “Black Clover” online at Viz and Manga Plus. The print edition of Chapter 301 will be available on Monday.


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