Dillon Patel’s squabble with Vishal Parvani erupted into a “Game of Telephone” that turned “nefarious.”


Dillon Patel’s squabble with Vishal Parvani erupted into a “Game of Telephone” that turned “nefarious.”

Dillon Patel of Bravo’s Family Karma described why his words about Vishal Parvani became viral, claiming that a “game of the telephone” twisted the situation into something considerably more diabolical.

During the most recent episode, Patel tweeted about his conversation with Parvani in further detail. Patel was questioned by Parvani about comments he made behind his back regarding him. During the season opener, Parvani told Patel, “I heard all the sh*t you were talking about me.” “You labeled me as gay and compared me to a Richter scale of homosexuality. Do you believe it’s cool to propagate rumors about someone being gay? You’re gay, and you should know more about it than most.” Parvani was also irritated by Patel’s obsession with Richa Sadana. Parvani then threatened to “put your f**king face in the earth” if Patel mentioned him again.

On ‘Family Karma,’ Dillon Patel pushed back against Vishal Parvani’s response.

Patel was rattled, and after Brian Benni’s birthday party, Patel’s older brother Shaan confronted Parvani, causing a rift. Patel responded to the first episode on Twitter, sharing his perspective on the situation. He tweeted, “I never called @vishal parvani gay.” “I never said he’s a d*ck s**ker.” Adding, “I did joke that he was on the Kinsey Scale (which LITERALLY includes straight people). Regardless, his response of violence is absolutely disgusting.”

Adding, “The Richter Scale measures earthquakes,” he wrote in response to Parvani’s comment during the first episode. “The Kinsey Scale measures sexuality (including heterosexuality). @vishal_parvani doesn’t even know what he’s mad about.”

Vishal tells best friends Amrit Kapai and Brian Benni that Richa “doesn’t consider herself my fianceé, she doesn’t consider herself my girlfriend.” #FamilyKarma https://t.co/NAj2eViIFq

— Bravo (@BravoTV) June 4, 2021

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The second episode wasn’t as explosive between Parvani and Patel, instead, it caused friction amongst the mothers. The mothers gathered for happy hour… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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