Developers of ‘The Sims 4’ Explain Why Gender-Neutral Language in the Game Is a Difficult Necessity


Developers of ‘The Sims 4′ Explain Why Gender-Neutral Language in the Game Is a Difficult Necessity

When it comes to gaming, The Sims has always been a strong contender, combining a wide range of situations, themes, Sims, and more. However, as public awareness grows, games are making greater efforts to depict a wider range of individuals, religions, and other essential identities.

More recently, The Sims 4 developers have pledged to make its gaming world more inclusive, beginning with more inclusive clothes, sim customizations, and interior designs, and progressing to recent discussions of gender-neutral vocabulary. But that isn’t all they have planned for the future!

The basis of the game “The Sims 4”

The Sims 4 is primarily a computer game in which you manage ‘Sims’ and decide where and how they live, who they date or do not date, their career choices and changes, and much more – essentially, you construct their entire lives, and then you can have babies and repeat the process.

There are also themed game packs and expansion packs that can be added to the game for a little additional money if you’re searching for more diversity and/or a specific activity you want your Sims to pursue.

In early June, their newest update (Dream Home Decorator) will be released, bringing with it more interior decorating products, language and behaviors related to decorating, and interesting new ways to spice up your sims’ homes.

The game has been nominated for a Guild of Music Supervisors Award for Best Music Supervision for a Video Game and won a NAVGTR Award for Game, Simulation since its release in 2014.

When will pronouns be available in The Sims 4?

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