Despite the on-screen tension, the Coronation Street stars “truly adore each other.”


Despite the on-screen tension, the Coronation Street stars “truly adore each other.”

Despite their on-screen feud, Dan Brocklebank and Gareth Pierce of Coronation Street believe they “truly adore one other.”

Todd, played by Gareth, was eventually unmasked on Wednesday night, leaving Billy, played by Dan, heartbroken.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Billy and Todd became engaged and moved in together after Todd wormed his way in through numerous tactics.

Coronation Street is a British soap opera that airs on Fans are sickened by Tyrone’s suggestion to Alina.

Todd had paid young Will to help him divide up Billy and his former partner Paul Foreman, so he had nothing to lose when he told Summer Spellman the truth.

Will also confessed to Paul, and at the calendar launch party, Paul showed Billy Todd’s confession video, which he was terrified to see.

After Paul was mistakenly suspected of stealing the heat pump for Billy’s half-way house project, Billy confronted him before he and Summer reported Todd to the police.

Todd was escorted away in a police car, leaving Billy distraught.

Dan Brocklebank, on the other hand, was keen to reassure viewers that the drama is all on screen and that he and Gareth Pierce are firm friends outside of the ITV set.

“See, we love each other truly, we’ve even been camping together.. @garpierce @coronationstreet,” Dan posted a photo of him and Gareth together.


Dan and Gareth went camping with Tony Maudsley, Sue Cleaver, and Julia Goulding earlier this month.

Dan’s image was also shared by Gareth, who simply wrote: “Love you mate,” alongside stickers that said “gone camping” and “real bromance.”

Fans, on the other hand, had a lot to say about Dan’s latest tweet.

“I wouldn’t trust his face… even if he’s acting,” one person added.

“Love those guys,” commented another. Please don’t omit Todd off the list!! He’s a fantastic actor.”

“Aww, just look,” said a third. “Amazing people.”

“Sorry but delighted Todd was caught out,” said a fourth, while another said, “How can I take it seriously now guys??!!


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