Dad’s tears murdered daughter “a piece at a time” as the “mother of all diseases.”


Dad’s tears murdered daughter “a piece at a time” as the “mother of all diseases.”

The dreadful cancer that devastated his daughter “a small piece at a time,” according to a bereaved father who spoke to The Washington Newsday.

Natasha Lynch, Andrew Lynch’s daughter, was working as a holiday representative in 2014 when she discovered she was taking a long time to recover from minor ailments.

Natasha, from Liverpool, was then diagnosed with viral meningitis and had to take time off work to be cared for by her family in Spain.

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Over the next few years, she had several more major illnesses, and at one point she lost her voice, memory, and woke up gasping for air.

Natasha was paralyzed from the waist down and had to breathe through a ventilator.

After specialists battled to figure out what was wrong with her, one discovered that her unusual set of symptoms could be due to mitochondrial illness.

“To me, it’s the mother of all ailments, it really is,” Andrew, 55, who lives just outside of Alicante, Spain, told The Washington Newsday. It rips you apart piece by piece, killing you one by one. And every time it happens, you have no idea what will happen next.

“There are a number of pretty deadly diseases out there, but you have a chance with a lot of them. You have medication for them, and you may be able to find a cure for them, but there isn’t anything for mitochondrial illness.

“Over the course of the last year, she began to deteriorate significantly. There were many more difficulties, and it finally affected more of her internal organs, particularly her intestines, which was failing.

“She had been in the hospital and returned home, and three days before she died, she began vomiting blood.

“She had been begging for someone to stay with her all the time for the previous month.

She had a strong desire to be with me or her stepmother, Dawn.”

Natasha died in hospital on June 29, last year, with her father by her bedside, dealing a devastating blow to her family.

Andrew added, amid sobs, “She apologised to me.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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