Customers at Home Bargains are praising the ‘amazing’ bathroom overhaul.


Customers at Home Bargains are praising the ‘amazing’ bathroom overhaul.

Customers at Home Bargains were wowed by a bathroom makeover that was finished with the store’s stick-on vinyl tiles.

Fans of the low-cost company are clamoring to get their hands on its huge selection of homeware, garden supplies, décor tools, household basics, and more.

Home Bargains uses social media to keep customers up to date on the latest stock and product launches.

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The retailer took to Instagram to publish a snapshot of its vinyl floor tiles, which cost £1.99 for a pack of five, and wall tiles, which cost £3.99 for a pack of three, which was originally posted by Danielle ( @thatpitchedlife ).

The tiles are a quick and easy way to renovate your home because they simply adhere to the existing floor or wall surface.


“You guys can’t get enough of our Stick Ease tiles…,” Home Bargains wrote beside a photo of Danielle’s newly remodeled trailer bathroom.

Our Hexagon vinyls are displayed on the wall, while our Geometeric vinyls are displayed on the floor! Stick Ease is available in stores and online (just search for it).

@thatpitchedlife’s [camera emoji]

The snapshot, which shows the completed camper bathroom, has received over 3,500 likes on the social media network.

In the comments section, customers expressed their opinions.

“I love that bathroom,” one user said, while another added, “Incredible.”

“Those wall tiles look amazing!!!,” said a third.

A fourth shopper remarked, “omg, I need,” and a fifth, “Amazing.”

“Ohh I’ll have to hunt for some tiles for my bathroom,” a sixth responded to a pal.

“I love both,” wrote another shopper.

The vinyl floor tiles from Home Bargains come in packs of five and cost £1.99 each. The wall tiles come in a pack of three for £3.99.

The retailer’s website allows you to purchase them in quantity.


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