Cristina Sending Hayes to Meredith Doesn’t Make Sense on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


Cristina Sending Hayes to Meredith Doesn’t Make Sense on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Meredith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy and Derek Shepherd of Grey’s Anatomy were a wonderful fit. Fans had been watching them woo each other for years, and it seemed like a happy ending when they finally got together.

However, their happy ever after was ruined in Season 11. Derek died in a vehicle accident. Meredith was heartbroken. However, life must carry on. Meredith was devastated by Derek’s unexpected death, but she isn’t completely opposed to finding love again. Cormac Hayes appears to be Meredith’s newest love interest.

Meredith Grey did not have a good first impression of Cormac Hayes.

It’s never easy to start a new job. Especially when young people’s lives are on the line. That was the situation for Cormac Hayes, the chief of Pediatric Surgery at Grey Sloan. When he first met Meredith, he walked into a patient’s room to discover she had already started rounding on the patient. Despite the fact that Meredith had already completed a physical examination, Hayes insisted on having it done again. All of this irritated Meredith, but Hayes was only trying to do the best he could for his patient.

Meredith received a text from Cristina Yang shortly after. Cristina had previously worked with Cormac at a different hospital and claimed to have ‘sent’ the surgeon to Meredith. Despite Cristina’s support, Meredith was still turned off by her first encounter with Cormac.

Things didn’t start off well when they next shared a patient. Meredith first treated Cormac coldly, but he eventually apologized for their past encounter. It was near the anniversary of his late wife’s diagnosis, Cormac explained. Cormac and Meredith became friends after both losing their spouses. Meredith was diagnosed with COVID-19 just as their romance was heating up.

Cristina Yang ‘sent’ Cormac to Meredith on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and viewers are sick of hearing it.


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