Concerns have been raised about plans to convert a church in south Liverpool into a shop.


Concerns have been raised about plans to convert a church in south Liverpool into a shop.

According to plans presented to Liverpool Council, a church in south Liverpool might be turned into a new business.

The planning committee of the council will review plans to turn the former Methodist Church on Banks Road in Garston into a convenience store.

The church’s windows would be boarded up and new lettering placed, but its overall appearance would be mostly intact.

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However, some neighbors and previous councillors have expressed worry about the proposed business, which would be open from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Many people were concerned about increased traffic on the route and whether or not the business would sell alcohol.

Some of the objections were summarized as follows: “The church is directly across the street from Banks Road Primary School. The construction of the shop will have an influence on children’s education because the noises will distract them from their studies “I believe that this shop will have a detrimental impact on the school community, both in terms of unhealthy habits and the number of cars that visit the shop.

“There are already two or three off-licences in the vicinity, far enough away from the school to avoid affecting the youngsters, but close enough for the rest of the community to conduct their shopping.”

The planning officers of the council have recommended that the committee approve the plans.

“It should be acknowledged that the location was originally used as a church/community center whereby a degree of weekday and weekend traffic and accompanying on street parking would have been created,” cops said in response to concerns about increasing traffic.

It is unclear whether the shop will sell alcohol, as this would be a license problem that would be handled independently by the council’s licensing department.

On Tuesday, the planning committee of Liverpool City Council will evaluate the proposals.


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