Comedian Jim Breuer refuses to perform in places that require proof of vaccination.


Comedian Jim Breuer refuses to perform in places that require proof of vaccination.

Comedian Jim Breuer has announced that he will cancel all shows at venues that require proof of vaccination because he refuses to take vaccine shots.

Over the weekend, the 54-year-old comedian went live on Facebook to provide “brief updates” on his future concerts.

“Two brief updates on events you might think you’re receiving tickets to or already have seats to The Wellmont Theater in New Jersey – don’t do it,” he warned in the 22-minute video.

He also informed that he will be canceling his appearance at the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan.

He explained, “Because of the segregation of them requiring people to show up with immunizations… I am also not doing certain shows.”

The former “SNL” star acknowledged that his plan will require him to “sacrifice a lot of money,” but insisted that he is “not going to be chained to the system or money.”

Furthermore, because vaccination is meant to be a “choice,” he believes that those who want to attend events should not be “forced” or “bribed” to get vaccinated.

“I honestly don’t care if you have anything else to say,” Breuer added. “As a result, I have to keep to my morals, to what I feel is right.”

On Tuesday, the video became a trending topic on Twitter.

“After 33 years of comedy, Jim Breuer finally made me laugh,” a netizen commented while sharing NBC News’ coverage on Breuer’s video.

Another user mocked the comedian while also criticizing Nicki Minaj and Eric Clapton, adding, “Jim Breuer is Eric Clapton’s Nicki Minaj.”

Clapton made headlines earlier this month after stating that he will not perform at locations that require proof of immunization. Minaj, on the other hand, has recently been chastised for disseminating false information on COVID-19 vaccines.

Despite the issue, other fans showed their support for Breuer.

In response to a tweet sharing the comedian’s viral video, one of his fans wrote, “Jezus, wish I had known he was touring. Without a doubt, one of the best. Would have loved to see him here in Michigan, but venue has a vaccine mandate. That’s crazy… I agree with him canceling it. Another time.”

Another supporter wrote, “Just want to send a thank you to @JimBreuer for standing by his morals and beliefs. I intend to see a show as soon as possible.”

While Breuer and Clapton refused to perform at venues that require vaccination, comedian Patton Oswalt announced last week that he. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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