Claire confronts her past in ‘The Good Doctor.’


Claire confronts her past in ‘The Good Doctor.’

Claire Brown (Antonia Thomas) of The Good Doctor is finally confronting some painful memories from her past. She has a strong desire to punish her father for abandoning her, but she is working toward forgiveness. Here’s what happened in the Season 4 finale of The Good Doctor.

On ‘The Good Doctor,’ Claire is allowing her father to re-enter her life.

Claire is attempting to repair her relationship with Miles, her father. When she was a child, he abandoned her and her mother, and she never forgave him. Claire, on the other hand, decides to give her father a chance after learning that he is dying (of terminal cancer).

Miles is grateful that Claire is gradually reintroducing him into her life, but he also wishes for forgiveness. Spending time with her until he dies isn’t enough for him. Miles wants to know that she accepts and forgives him for not being there for his children.

Miles asks Claire if they can discuss what happened when he decided to leave after dinner. Claire, on the other hand, abruptly ends the conversation, stating that she only wants to watch a movie and not reopen old wounds.

Claire says, “I’d rather just watch a movie.” “If you want to join, that’s fantastic. If not, let’s just call it a night.” Miles decides not to push any more and agrees to watch a movie with her.

Dr. Lim has a talk with Claire

After a young patient comes in with her parents, Claire is reminded of her own parents. During the patient’s surgery, Claire says they remind her of how many parents make decisions that make them… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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