Charlène of Monaco, Duchess Kate & Co. : No surprise: she spends the most money on fashion!


A current list compares the expenses of various royal ladies. They all have one thing in common: they saved money in 2020!

You’d rather not hear the C-word anymore, but of course the topic is still unavoidable: Corona. Even the biggest optimists, for whom the glass is always half full instead of half empty, might find it difficult to find anything positive at all about our current situation. But wait: Like all major crises, Corona is at least an equalizer that shows us: We are all human, we all experience the current situation at least similarly. Most people have had to tighten their belts lately, and there have been few occasions for new clothes anyway. The celebrities and royals were no different in 2020! Because actually the royal ladies, like Duchess Kate (38, born Kate Middleton) or Duchess Meghan (39, born Markle) like to show themselves in the most exclusive outfits and with expensive designer accessories.

Evaluation shows: The royals also saved on their spending in 2020

But everything was different in 2020, and so even the royals spent only a fraction of their normal budget on clothes. This is shown by a detailed and large-scale list of the website “UFO no more”, which compares 14 royal ladies and the respective new pieces from the years 2019 and 2020. Remarkably, all 14 women have significantly reduced their wardrobe spending. For years now, in first place with the most expensive outfits is – and this is no surprise – Monaco’s Princess Charlène (42), who is known for her love of designer pieces and outlandish looks. In 2020, she wore new pieces worth a total of just over 106,000 euros. What sounds a lot at first is actually little by Charlène’s standards: before Corona, in 2019, the value of her new pieces was still three times that! Second place goes to Duchess Kate, with just under 87,000 euros, also in 2019 she remained (unlike Meghan) under the hundred thousand mark. By the way, according to the evaluation, the royal money-savers in 2020 are Madeleine of Sweden (38) with new fashion priced at just under 6,000 euros and Princess Beatrice of York (32) with just under 5,000 euros.


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