Chapter 76 of ‘Dragon Ball Super’: Leaks, Spoilers, and Where To Read


Chapter 76 of ‘Dragon Ball Super’: Leaks, Spoilers, and Where To Read

In “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 76, Granolah bounces back and a hard battle with Vegeta begins.

Goku and Vegeta are chasing Granolah, according to the newest Chapter 76 leaks and spoilers supplied by Twitter user DBShype.

Granolah attacks Vegeta mercilessly until his Ultra Ego form evaporates in “Dragon Ball Super” Chapter 76. Goku enters in his SSJ Blue form and punches Granolah in the face just as he is about to knock out Vegeta.

Meanwhile, Vegeta is enraged at Goku’s intervention in the fight. He strikes Goku in the face with a blow. Granolah emerges next to Vegeta and tries to stab him with his palm as they continue to dispute.

Goku detects Granolah’s movement and uses a shock wave to rapidly push Vegeta. Vegeta is knocked out after colliding with a home.

Goku and Granolah are now engaged in combat. Granolah moves to Goku’s back during the fight, and the Saiyan swiftly hardens his neck because he senses an approaching strike.

The Saiyan reverts to his regular shape after Granolah strikes Goku in the neck, but he falls. Granolah believes he has defeated Goku, but Goku rises and shoots a ki ball at him.

The Cerealian becomes enraged and attempts to stab Goku in the abdomen. However, Goku strengthens his abdomen before Granolah can do much damage. Vegeta awakens to the sight of Goku and Granolah fighting.

He returns to the battleground and requests that Goku allow him to fight his way. Vegeta is allowed to fight in the battle, but Goku warns him not to die.

Granolah is once again surprised as Vegeta transforms into his Ultra Ego mode. The fight has moved to the Sugarians’ capital. Granolah asks Vegeta to move the battle to a different location.

Granolah assaults Vegeta and bites his arm in Chapter 76 of “Dragon Ball Super.” He even smashes Vegeta to the ground and fires a barrage of ki at point-blank range.

A brief flashback of young Granolah and his mother in a church is also shown in the upcoming “Dragon Ball Super” chapter.

Namekian Monite appears in Chapter 76 of “Dragon Ball Super,” telling Granolah about a Saiyan named Bardock who rescued their life 40 years ago.

Chapter 76 of “Dragon Ball Super” will be released on Monday. On Manga Plus and Viz, fans can read the chapter online.


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