Chapter 330 of ‘My Hero Academia’: Star Faces Shigaraki, All For One’s Next Move [Spoilers].


Chapter 330 of ‘My Hero Academia’: Star Faces Shigaraki, All For One’s Next Move [Spoilers].

The hero from the west, Star And Stripe, is about to enter Japanese airspace when a villain named Tomura Shigaraki comes and attacks him.

Rukasu, a Discord member, has released the latest “My Hero Academia” Chapter 330 leaks and spoilers. The chapter begins with one of the jets’ pilots telling Star of the villain’s identify.

He informs her that the villain is Shigaraki, not All For One, and that he has the ability to employ shockwave attacks. Star is asked whether she wants to attack or retreat by the pilot. Star orders her convoy to prepare to annihilate the enemy.

The jets create a formation and prepare to launch an attack. Shigaraki uses a combination of radio waves, ‘Encumbrance,’ and ‘Push’ to assault the planes, but they manage to avoid it.

Star is ready to fight back, revealing that space 100 meters away from her vanishes. Shigaraki is trying to breathe as a gigantic transparent star appears around him, and his eyes begin to bleed.

This is New Order, a Star’s Quirk. She can command a new rule over something when she touches it and shouts its name.

Shigaraki is stunned as the jets fire lasers at him in Chapter 330 of “My Hero Academia.” The pilots feel confident in their ability to defeat Shigaraki, but Star warns them not to relax their vigilance.

Shigaraki deflects the laser with a Reflect and Diffuse combo attack. He also returns the laser to the jets and Star.

Star’s origin story is also briefly revealed in Chapter 330 of “My Hero Academia.” She recalls how a Japanese exchange student rescued her as a little girl.

She recalled a robbery attempt on her family, and how All Might appeared and saved them. She declared All Might her spiritual master that day and swore to help with peacekeeping.

Meanwhile, All For One has virtually complete control of Shigaraki’s body, and viewers will witness Shigaraki in a new form near the end of the chapter.

On Sunday, Chapter 330 will be released. However, after the impending release, the manga is expected to go on hiatus, and “My Hero Academia” Chapter 331 is expected to be delayed.

On Viz and Manga Plus, fans may read the manga online.


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