Cassie Randolph on ‘The Bachelor’: She Said She Had ‘Blood Work’ and ‘Psych Exams’ Before Filming


Cassie Randolph on ‘The Bachelor’: She Said She Had ‘Blood Work’ and ‘Psych Exams’ Before Filming

On The Bachelor, Cassie Randolph won Colton Underwood’s heart. While neither of them had an easy ride, they closed the show on a good note – albeit their relationship eventually took a drastic turn. Despite the fact that her relationship with Underwood ended, Randolph continues to share her thoughts with her fans. She also gave fans some behind-the-scenes information about what she went through before filming the show.

‘The Bachelor’ contestants must go through a rigorous preliminary procedure.

The Bachelor may appear to be all fun and games, but becoming a candidate on the show is far from straightforward. Although it appears that becoming a contestant is as simple as signing up and being cast, there are a few preliminary stages that contestants must complete before appearing on the show.

During the casting process, contestants must undergo a “intensive background check,” which includes STD testing. Furthermore, if ABC learns something about a contender from a third party, it’s fair game for them to reveal it during the season for added drama. In addition, candidates do not have access to television or the internet while filming.

Former Bachelor contestant Ashleigh Hunt said, “We are not permitted to communicate to friends or family until we go home.” “The day you arrive, your phones and computers are taken away. We’d just laze about in the home or by the pool; it was becoming a little dull. You are not allowed to leave the house at any time.”

Not only that, but many contestants quit their jobs to try their luck at love on television.

Before joining the set of ‘The Bachelor,’ Cassie Randolph talked about ‘blood work’ and ‘psych testing.’

Cassie Randolph took a risk when she tried to fall in love with Colton Underwood. Her time on The Bachelor was unlike any other, as Underwood… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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