Carl Radke Gets Raw and Real on ‘Summer House’ – ‘I Have Nothing Else to Offer Bravo’


Carl Radke Gets Raw and Real on ‘Summer House’ – ‘I Have Nothing Else to Offer Bravo’

Carl Radke of Summer House opened up about confronting his brother’s death, getting sober on tape, and the season 2 storyline that continues to haunt him in a candid interview.

Radke acknowledged that he has nothing else to give Bravo after five seasons. And he claims that his work on Summer House has documented every journey and evolution he’s gone through, good or bad. Radke admitted that his early days as a f**kboy, as well as his previous allegiance to drinking, eventually bit him. He also opened up about a sexual experience he had as a 21-year-old aspiring performer, which came to light during season 2.

Carl Radke admits that he has become a target for Bravo.

Radke acknowledged that he wasn’t proud of his past actions, but that being on Summer House forced him to think about it and make improvements. On the Scissoring Isn’t a Thing podcast, Radke said, “I have nothing else to offer Bravo.” “When I learn that my brother died while I was filming, there’s nothing else I can send Bravo. And that’s as bad as it can possibly get. But that’s just what I’m talking about; there’s nothing else.” During the shooting of Summer House Season 5, Radke’s brother Curtis died of an accidental overdose. On tape, he is seen getting the news of his brother’s death.

He added, “I’m happy to be weak and available.” “If it makes things simpler, I don’t have anything to hide any longer.” “Anything you want to hear, I’ll tell you.” After four seasons on Summer House, Radke surprised fans when he opened up about his relationship with alcohol, sharing he was sober.

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“I think you forget about the cameras to some extent,” he says… This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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