Captain Lee Now Understands Why Chef Rachel Said “Eat My C**ter” and “Quit” on “Below Deck”


Captain Lee Now Understands Why Chef Rachel Said “Eat My C**ter” and “Quit” on “Below Deck”

While Captain Lee Rosbach wasn’t fond of her approach, he did reveal that he now understands why chef Rachel Hargrove abruptly left the boat on Below Deck.

When Hargrove abruptly quits after viewing the upcoming charter guests’ outrageous preference sheet, Rosbach, bosun Eddie Lucas, and chief stew Francesca Rubi are seen looking completely stunned. She dismisses the preference sheet as “bullsh*t” and declares that she will begin packing immediately. Guests can “go fk yourself” and “shove it up your a,” he adds.

She also said the guests (and apparently Rosbach) can “eat my c**ter,” which has become a catchphrase. Rosbach was understandably irritated and annoyed that Hargrove abruptly resigned and with such zeal. He did, however, reveal that he now understands why she was so stressed.

Why was Chef Rachel so adamant about quitting ‘Below Deck’?

Other crew members have abruptly left, but not Hargrove, who did so while hurling expletives and rage. She explained to Rosbach and the team that her rage was not directed at them, but she was not going to put up with it. Rosbach even tried to reason with Hargrove, hoping that she would stay and cook a meal or two for the guests, but she refused.

Rosbach was taken aback and irritated at the time, particularly by her approach. In the episode blog, Rosbach wrote, “Rachel snuck into the galley and loosened up the proverbial lug nuts, cuz the wheels definitely came off tonight.” “You’ve gone completely off the rails. I for sure didn’t even see this coming at all. I know what you meant when you told me to go have sex with myself, and I know it wasn’t directed squarely at me, but I still can’t say I wasn’t surprised.”

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