‘Can’t Take The Country Out Of The Girl,’ Kacey Musgraves Says After Grammy Disqualification.


‘Can’t Take The Country Out Of The Girl,’ Kacey Musgraves Says After Grammy Disqualification.

Kacey Musgraves expressed her disappointment with the Grammys’ decision to exclude her new album “Star-Crossed” from the country music category.

“You can take the girl out of the country (genre), but you can’t take the country out of the girl,” the 33-year-old singer posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

She also tweeted a flashback shot of herself in a white dress and a red cowboy hat.

According to several sources, the singer’s recently released album will be included in the pop category rather than the country category at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards on January 31, 2022.

Musgraves’ admirers flocked to the comments section to express their love for the singer.

As one user put it, “They’re terrified of you. You are the genre’s future, yet the old guard is resistant to change. Keep doing what you’re doing.” “One of the fans commented,” said another “”Chin up, Kacey here switching around genres and doing stuff the music industry can’t even categorize,” one fan said, while another added, “This is totally ludicrous what the Grammy did to you that’s not fair.” But we’re still dancing.” Some people, however, agreed with the Grammys, claiming that the new record does not fit in the country category. There was nothing wrong with the decision, according to one user. “This isn’t a country record. Without a doubt, “the remark read

It’s surprising that Kacey Musgraves was left out of the country music category. The singer has won seven Country Music Association Awards and three Academy of Country Music Awards in the past. She was also nominated for six Grammy Awards, five of which were for country music.

On Nov. 23, the Grammy nominees for the next year will be announced.

The Weeknd told The New York Times earlier this year that he is boycotting the Grammys “because of the hidden committees.” “I will no longer allow my label to submit my work to the Grammys,” the musician told the site. Musgraves’ music album, “Star-Crossed,” was released on September 10th.


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