Camilla is addicted to barre, but what does it entail and how difficult is it?


Camilla is addicted to barre, but what does it entail and how difficult is it?

The Duchess of Cornwall, like many others, used video exercises to stay in shape during lockdown.

Camilla’s preferred class? Barre; she attends Silver Swan ballet courses for over 55s on a regular basis. She toured the V&A’s new exhibition honouring the Royal Academy of Dance’s (RAD) 100th anniversary with former Strictly judge Dame Darcey Bussell. She is a vice patron of the RAD.

“I’ve become utterly hooked [to barre],” Camilla said on her visit. It’s fantastic… We’re kind of strewn throughout the place.”

Barre courses, whether virtual or in person, may be intimidating, and some people may be put off if they aren’t natural dancers. Barre, on the other hand, is a workout that everybody can benefit from…

In a barre class, what happens?

A dedicated barre studio will almost certainly have mirrors and a ballet barre mounted to the wall. According to Ashley Verma, proprietor of Define London barre training studio, you will “pull off the barre using your own bodyweight to tone, sculpt, empower, and build confidence.”

“With barre, you just use light handweights and your own bodyweight,” she explains. “You utilize the ballet barre to pull yourself off, to really get into tiny little muscles that tremble, bake, and burn — it is something that happens all the time in barre.”

“We get into the nitty gritty, deep down into the muscle fibre so you get that twitch effect,” explains Verma, who will lead you through a series of small, precise motions. “It activates those small small muscles that assist support the body’s larger being.”

If you’re doing a virtual class at home, you may substitute cans or full water bottles for handweights and recreate the barre with a kitchen countertop or chair.

What are a few of the advantages?

Many of us have suffered from the pandemic’s effects on our posture, and Verma claims that after four to eight barre courses, “you will notice an amazing lift in your posture.”

Barre is a type of exercise. (This is a brief piece.)


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