By the end of Season 8, the ‘Biggest Answers in 8 Years’ will be revealed, according to the ‘The Blacklist’ EP.


By the end of Season 8, the ‘Biggest Answers in 8 Years’ will be revealed, according to the ‘The Blacklist’ EP.

The Blacklist has posed many questions over the years, but executive producer Jon Bokenkamp promises major revelations before the season 8 finale. Former FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) will go on a quest of truth in the next two episodes, and Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) will be the one to provide her with those answers. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming events.

[Spoiler alert: The Blacklist Season 8 episode “Godwin Page” is discussed in detail below.]

The answers begin at the end of the episode “Godwin Page” of “The Blacklist.”

James Spader, star of ‘The Blacklist,’ once explained why he took on the role of Red.

After an eight-year wait, The Blacklist‘s premise is finally being fleshed out: who is Raymond Reddington and why did he flip Liz Keen’s life upside down? Liz persuaded Godwin Page, one of Townsend’s mercenaries who’d been kidnapped by Red, to pull the tracking device from his neck, deactivate it until she left with Red, then reactivate it so Townsend could murder Red in the most recent episode.

Liz negotiated a bargain with Townsend to rescue herself, and it might have worked if Red hadn’t whisked her away in a jet after reactivating the chip. Red vowed to explain everything about the Skorsky Archive, Katarina Rostova, and the fire that left a scar on Liz’s wrist when they went to Latvia.

Red escorted Liz to a place he termed “the blacklist” at the end of the episode. Will Red disclose the truth this time, or is it just a deception to keep the cat-and-mouse game going as Season 9 begins?

“Red is at a point where he realizes that the only way to protect Liz is to tell her everything, and he intends to do so,” Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly. “The solutions that Reddington suggested in tonight’s episode are just a taste of what’s to come.”

Bokenkamp predicts huge answers in the near future. What are your early thoughts?

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