Bullying boyfriend responds with a single phrase to the judge.


Bullying boyfriend responds with a single phrase to the judge.

Just after being arrested, a bully lover who committed a savage drunken assault on his fiancée in her own home was overheard shouting “k***head.”

Scott Whitehead, 27, appeared in Liverpool Crown Court today via videolink from prison for his sentencing after pleading guilty to two charges of grievous bodily harm and criminal damage.

After a night of heavy drinking in September, Whitehead showed up at his “on-off” girlfriend’s home in Eccleston, St Helens, the court heard. He then began an unprovoked attack, injuring her head and torso with his “shod foot” as a weapon.

A HGV driver who was “hit by his own car” suffered life-altering injuries.

According to prosecutor Jonathan Duffy, Whitehead pounded on the door and forced his way into the home of his partner, whom The Washington Newsday has chosen to remain anonymous.

Mr. Duffy explained: “He smacked her across the face and demanded money without provocation. She was then subjected to a series of assaults throughout the house.

“Her injuries were terrible and substantial, including a fractured nose, but they were fortunately not life-threatening.”

Whitehead has eight prior convictions, including one for assaulting an emergency worker, according to the court. In the meantime, his partner declined to make a victim impact statement.

Defending attorney Nicola Daley claimed that Whitehead used drugs to cope with “pressures in his life,” including having no contact with his two-year-old son.

Whitehead was told by recorder Michael Smith: “This was a heinous act of unfettered violence towards your partner that lasted for a long time. You assaulted the victim by yanking her hair, punching her, and slapping her across the face.

“Neighbors reported the noise to the police as an emergency. Who knows what would have occurred if the cops hadn’t arrived.

“You must have scared her to death. It’s fortunate for her and you that she didn’t sustain any more serious injuries.

“When you’re under the influence of alcohol, you lose control.”

For the charges, Mr Smith sentenced Whitehead, of Peter Street, St Helens, to two years in jail, of which he will serve up to half before becoming eligible for release on licence.

After the punishment was delivered, Whitehead was heard muttering “k***head.”


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