Buddy Valastro’s Hand Injury: Rachael Ray Gets an Update on Buddy Valastro’s Recovery.


Buddy Valastro’s Hand Injury: Rachael Ray Gets an Update on Buddy Valastro’s Recovery.

Buddy Valastro, star of “Cake Boss,” is almost fully recovered one year after suffering a devastating hand injury that left the baker worried of his ability to return to work.

Valastro went on “The Rachael Ray Show” on Monday and gave an update on his injury. “I’d say we’re about 95 percent,” he added, “which, if that’s as good as it gets Rachael, I’ll take it.”

Valastro, 44, was seen creating a three-tier cake during the talk and expressed his delight at being able to return to work. “The fact that I can still do what I love is incredible,” he remarked.

Valastro was hurt in September 2020 when a machine malfunctioned at his New Jersey bowling facility. His representative made a statement at the time of the occurrence, apologizing for the mishap.

In a statement to People, the spokesperson added, “There was a malfunction with the bowling pinsetter, which was a typical remedy in the past, but it resulted into a horrific accident.”

“His right hand became stuck and crushed inside the apparatus after attempting to dislodge the bowling pin from the cage mechanism.”

The salesman then unveiled the equipment, which repeatedly punctured his hand. “Unable to remove his hand, he can see a 1-1/2′ metal rod impale his hand three times between his ring and middle fingers,” the representative explained.

Valastro was fully aware of the hard road to recuperation that lay ahead of him following his injuries. He had five surgeries on his hand by April 2021 and claimed Ray he was 75 percent recovered.

Despite the fact that Valastro is still recovering from his injuries, he and Ray believe that 95 percent is still a significant edge.

“Once you get beyond a certain age, you’ll accept 95 percent for anything — your memory, your physique, your back — if you’re 95 percent, you’re good,” Ray remarked.

“Amen,” Valastro answered.


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