BTS V reveals that he only went to the BTS audition to show support for a friend.


BTS V reveals that he only went to the BTS audition to show support for a friend.

V, a member of BTS, has confessed that he did not want to audition for the group at first. V, also known as Kim Taehyung, revealed during their appearance on “The Tonight Show” that he simply went to the BTS audition to support a buddy.

During one section of the show, the worldwide singing phenomenon addressed various fan claims, including V’s attendance at the BTS audition in support of a buddy. “Is it true, V, that you never planned to audition for BTS, that you just went to support your friend?” Jimmy Fallon inquired.

In answer to Kimmel’s question, the “Butter” singer confirmed the story, stating, “True, yes.” V responded in Korean when asked what had happened to his friend, explaining that his friend had failed his audition. “Only me!” he said, claiming that he was the only one who made it through.

His comment, which made Fallon laugh out loud, quickly went viral on Twitter, with admirers applauding the BTS member’s candor. One fan tweeted, “WHEN ASKED ABOUT THE FRIEND TAE ACCOMPANIED WHEN AUDITIONING TAE STRAIGHT UP SAID’HE FAILED’ I’M SCREAMING.”

V’s natural humor was also lauded by other admirers, with one commenting, “He’s effortlessly humorous.”

Meanwhile, the band discussed their collaboration with Ed Sheeran, who co-wrote “Permission to Dance.” When asked if they remember the first time they met the singer, RM said they hadn’t. He told Fallon, “We can’t believe we haven’t met him yet, and this is our second project with him, but we haven’t met him yet.”

Ahead of the 2021 Grammy Awards, the host also asked them how they felt about obtaining their first Grammy nomination. “I apologize for the cliché, but it is truly an honor,” RM replied. He said, “I was so happy—very insane and thankful for all the fans all around the world.”

This month, BTS will be on “The Tonight Show” for two nights in a row. The group will perform “Butter,” which has been at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart for the previous six weeks, on tonight’s program after presenting the U.S. television premiere of “Permission to Dance.”


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