BTS Fans Fly To LA; Wish Each Other Well #HaveASafeFlightARMY


BTS Fans Fly To LA; Wish Each Other Well #HaveASafeFlightARMY

On Twitter, BTS fans wished each other well as many of them prepare to go to Los Angeles for the “BTS Permission To Dance On Stage – LA” concerts, which will take place on Saturday, Sunday, and December 1 and 2 at Sofi stadium.

The forthcoming musical engagements will be the septet’s first offline performances since their “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” world tour in 2019. Understandably, die-hard fans rushed to get tickets for the festivities, which will take place in a massive stadium capable of holding 70,000 screaming people at any given time.

On Friday, the hashtag #HaveASafeFlightARMY trended worldwide on Twitter as ARMYs sent nice messages to those flying to Los Angeles for the performances.

“ARMYs meeting other ARMYs at the airport right now seems like an assembly of the avengers,” tweeted Twitter user @Mgcshop OT7, comparing ARMYs arriving at LAX to a superhero gathering.

“Why do these performances feel like they’re going to be a big family reunion?” another fan wondered.

ARMYs come in a variety of races, genders, and ages, and this ARMY expressed her joy at meeting fellow fans at the concerts. “I can’t wait to see my Army moots in Los Angeles… Please say hello if you see me (Day 1, 2, 4). I’m looking forward to seeing you all and our seven loves. “Have a pleasant journey.” Those who were unable to attend the concerts expressed their gratitude by wishing their fellow ARMYs a wonderful time.

“After two years, you will finally see them and they will see you, make them all happy,” Twitter user @itsmeAnniesa said. “You are extremely lucky because you can go and shout at all those that want to shout iloveyou Co-Armys.”

In October, BTS conducted its second online concert of the year, “Permission To Dance On Stage.” The boy band’s first online concert for 2021, dubbed “Muster Sowoozoo,” took place in June as part of the group’s 8th anniversary celebrations.

Following a calf injury experienced during rehearsals, Kim Taehyung, also known as V, did not participate in dance numbers and instead performed while seated in a chair.

The fourth and final day of “BTS Permission To Dance On Stage – LA” will be streamed live on Weverse.


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