Bryan Cranston mooned Aaron Paul on set of ‘Breaking Bad,’ then pranked him with a sex toy


Bryan Cranston mooned Aaron Paul on set of ‘Breaking Bad,’ then pranked him with a sex toy

During the program, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston played Walter White, who was a very serious and intense character. However, Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman in the film, claims that the real-life Cranston is far from serious. He believes instead that his Breaking Bad co-star is professional yet immature. In fact, while filming, Cranston mooned Aaron Paul.

Bryan Cranston, star of ‘Breaking Bad,’ is a jerk, according to Aaron Paul.

The owners of Walter White’s house in ‘Breaking Bad’ sit outside with a shotgun to protect their roof from pizzas.

Bryan Cranston, well known for his role on Breaking Bad, is a well-known actor who has played a variety of roles. And, while he established his theatrical chops with Walter White, Aaron Paul claims that he is a knucklehead.

In fact, Paul described Cranston as “one of the most immature persons he’s ever encountered” in a positive light.

Aaron Paul told The Hollywood Reporter, “He’s easily the most professional slash immature person I’ve ever encountered in my entire life.”

“You are both tremendously talented and immature. In the best possible way, he’s always cracking jokes in the most inconvenient places. “However, it is the best,” he added.

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As far as the Breaking Bad star’s immaturity goes, it seems Bryan Cranston was really into pranking Aaron Paul while working on the show. In fact, he mooned the actor during one of their scenes together, just to get a laugh out of him.

“I remember the final scene that he and I were shooting together,” Aaron Paul told Short List.

“It was this serious moment, I’m talking to him and I hear everyone laughing outside of the set and I’m like, ‘Why is everyone laughing?’ Then I realize. He turns away from me and starts walking and I can see that his a** is out. Right in front of the camera.”

There were plenty of other times Bryan Cranston trolled his Breaking Bad co-star. In… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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