Brody Jenner, star of ‘The Hills,’ speaks out about Kaitlynn Carter’s pregnancy, calling it ‘horrible.’


Brody Jenner, star of ‘The Hills,’ speaks out about Kaitlynn Carter’s pregnancy, calling it ‘horrible.’

A week after Kaitlynn Carter announced her pregnancy on “The Hills,” her ex-husband Brody Jenner, who also participates on the reality show, has spoken up about his thoughts.

Jenner, 37, said on Wednesday’s episode of “The Hills: New Beginnings” that it was “hurtful” that Carter, 32, didn’t think he was in the “top 10” people who learned about her pregnancy first.

During the episode, the disc jockey mentioned that he didn’t get the news from Carter personally and expressed his feelings.

Jenner admitted, “Of course it’s terrible to see all of these other people who seem to know she’s pregnant but not me.” “Having a baby was such an important aspect of our relationship and conversation. I don’t have to be the first to find out, but I believe I should be among the top ten.”

Carter, on the other hand, told her friends that she was trying to figure out when the “perfect time” was to tell Jenner about her pregnancy. “It’s just a big deal to share something with someone. “It seems like the icing on the cake,” she continued.

Finally, Carter approached Jenner to notify him that she is expecting a child with her current fiancé, Kristopher Brock.

She told Jenner, “I know you have so many things in common and are just both lovely, normal individuals.” “It won’t be a major deal in the least.” Jenner joked, “What’s really going on, Kait?” after noticing Carter’s apprehension about revealing the news. Do you have something special planned for me? Just tell it like it is.”

“I’m sure you’ve figured out that I’m pregnant based on what everyone’s been saying the previous few days,” she replied.

The finale of MTV’s “The Hills: New Beginnings,” which airs next Wednesday, will feature more talk between the former pair.

Jenner and Carter met at a party in 2013, and their first anniversary was honored on Instagram in 2014. Shoey, the former couple’s puppy, was also adopted. They married in 2018 after eventually getting engaged in 2016. Carter, on the other hand, began dating Brock shortly after their divorce in 2019.


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