Brock Davies, Scheana Shay’s fiancé, claims he hasn’t seen his children in four years.


Brock Davies, Scheana Shay’s fiancé, claims he hasn’t seen his children in four years.

Brock Davies, who is engaged to Scheana Shay, says he hasn’t seen or spoken to his children in four years. He informed Lala Kent and Randall Emmett on Tuesday’s episode of “Vanderpump Rules” that he hasn’t seen his children since splitting up with their mother and leaving to America four years ago.

According to Page Six, Davies revealed on the episode that he hasn’t been able to FaceTime his kids since he “shook [his]whole family up.”

He also admitted to his ex-wife that he “felt like a badder husband” since he thought he abandoned their children. “I felt like I had to take it because, you know, I was the one who migrated to America.” According to the outlet, he stated, “I relocated here.”

Davies also recalled the last time he saw his children, when he dropped them off at Denver International Airport and “got a snapshot saying goodbye to them both.”

Shay, on the other hand, defended her fiancé, claiming that “there’s a lot more” to the incident than most people realize. “There was no interaction, but it wasn’t for a want of trying,” she explained. “He came to America to provide his family a better life.” Davies also mentioned that he married when he was extremely young and had a child when he was only 20. “You know, I was a different guy,” he explained.

Davies said that he split up with his ex five years ago, and that she has now married another guy, who is now his children’s stepfather. “My ex and I had two lovely children.” We broke up, and she felt as if I had abandoned her and the kids by moving to the United States. “She moved on with the kids’ stepfather, who then took over as a father figure for my kids,” he explained.

Davies and Shay, meantime, were engaged in July and are going to marry in Bali, Indonesia, where they met in late 2019.

Shay said on Tuesday that Davies’ ex-wife was not pleased with the name they chose for their daughter, Summer, implying that they will not be a happy co-parenting family after the wedding.


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