Bob Ross’s much-loved TV show, ‘The Joy of Painting,’ didn’t make him any money.


Bob Ross’s much-loved TV show, ‘The Joy of Painting,’ didn’t make him any money.

Bob Ross is one of the rare artists who has been able to captivate the hearts of so many people. The painter was one of the most admired artists of all time, as evidenced by his PBS television show, The Joy of Painting.

The artist created no mistakes, only “happy accidents,” and made painting appear so simple that anyone could do it.

Ross died more than two decades ago, yet his work and show continue to carry on his legacy. Ross never made any money from The Joy of Painting, despite the fact that it was a top-rated show that aired for many episodes. So, how did he get his cash? Check it out.

Ross’s breakthrough came in his later years.

Robert Norman Ross, the well-known painter, was born in October 1942. The actress grew up loving and caring for injured creatures including snakes, alligators, and squirrels. He dropped out of high school and began working as a carpenter alongside his father.

Ross lost a portion of his index finger while there, yet the trauma had no impact on his ability to make art later in life. He found oil painting while enlisting in the US Air Force in the 1960s.

He began attending numerous painting schools after leaving the military, as well as studying under Bill Alexander to develop the wet-and-wet technique. By layering one layer on top of another, the artist can make paintings in a substantially shorter length of time.

It wasn’t long before Ross began teaching his colleagues about painting and technique, eventually landing his own exhibition. Annette Kowalski met Ross in a Florida classroom and became his partner, notifying Bob Ross Inc. When Kowalski’s husband insisted on enrolling her in Ross’s class to help her cope with her son’s death, the two met. Only because Alexander had retired from teaching had she agreed to take the course. Ross also benefited from Kowalski’s assistance in becoming a public figure.

The phenomena that was ‘The Joy of Painting’


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