‘Black Panther 2’ star Letitia Wright responds to anti-vax accusations, calling them “completely false.”


‘Black Panther 2’ star Letitia Wright responds to anti-vax accusations, calling them “completely false.”

On the set of “Black Panther 2,” Letitia Wright has spoken out against reports that she expressed anti-vaccination beliefs.

The 27-year-old Guyanese-British actress took to Instagram on Wednesday to clarify the air after a report from The Hollywood Reporter claimed she had been making statements against the COVID-19 immunizations on production sparked a social media frenzy.

“Weapons made to assault you won’t be successful; words said against you won’t hurt at all,” Wright wrote beside a dark image of an old warrior’s full body armor and the Bible passage Isaiah 54:17.

The actress then responded to the article in a lengthy caption, expressing her sadness at the allegations and insisting that she is more concerned with her profession than anything else.

“It pains me to have to respond to The Hollywood Reporter’s reports from October 6th, 2021. My behavior on the set of ‘Black Panther 2’ was discussed in the report. She wrote, “I honestly assert that this was absolutely incorrect.”

“Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows that I work incredibly hard at my trade, and my main aim is always to do work that is meaningful and motivating,” the “Sing 2″ actress stated. That has been and will remain my exclusive emphasis.” Wright ended her statement by promising to “hang onto God’s hands” and “concentrate on my healing.” The actress was admitted to the hospital in late August after suffering a minor injury on set, but she swiftly returned to filming.

Fans and followers responded positively to the “Black Mirror” star’s tweet, assuring her that they are behind her.

“I’m standing by and praying for you, sis.” Everything works out for the best in your favor. One person wrote, “Period.”

“We miss you so muchhh [red heart emoji]and love you so muchhh [red heart emoji].” Don’t let them get the best of you, sis; you’re a true beacon for this generation, so keep shining. Another person said, “I’m always praying for you.”

Although Wright responded to THR’s piece, she did not mention her own vaccination status or her current position on the vaccine program in the midst of the pandemic, as Variety pointed out.

Wright had already disabled her Twitter and Instagram accounts after raising a sensation online by distributing an anti-vaccine video.

In reaction to the backlash, the actress issued a public apology, stating that she did not want to offend anyone by posting the video. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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