Billie Eilish Shares a Sexy Photo of Herself Wearing A Lacy Bra And A Colorful Corset


Billie Eilish Shares a Sexy Photo of Herself Wearing A Lacy Bra And A Colorful Corset

On Sunday, Billie Eilish shared a sultry photo of herself on Instagram. Many admirers applauded the singer as she proudly displayed her lacy bra poking out from beneath her colorful corset, but others chastised her appearance.

“Yes, I know [sic],” the “Ocean Eyes” singer captioned the photo, which has already received 11 million likes.

The colorful corset is $225 and comes from the Miaou brand. Page Six said that Eilish completed her sultry ensemble with a Vivienne Westwood white lace button-up shirt and pearl jewelry from Lilith by Sita and Loren Stewart.

“She’s an Icon,” an admirer wrote in response to the 19-year-old singer’s sultry silhouette. Come on, y’all, she’s a legend, and she is right now.”

“I can’t even tell how gorgeous you look,” another fan said.

Others, on the other hand, appear to have missed the singer’s previous manner of wearing loose clothes.

An Instagram follower wrote, “I want to old Billie.” Another person said, “Disappointed.”

Others jumped to Billie’s defense when she changed her style.

“These remarks failed to pass the vibe test. Billie darling, you’re stunning and self-assured. You’re doing a fantastic job. The people that matter think highly of you. Ignore the rest of the crowd. They don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about. One fan said, “You’re powerful and such an inspiration.”

Since the beginning of her musical career, Eilish has been outspoken about dealing with body concerns.

Eilish, aged 17, explains the reason for her loose clothing choice in a Calvin Klein ad film from 2019. “I don’t want someone to know everything there is to know about me. That’s why, according to Vogue, she dresses in enormous, baggy clothes. “No one can have an opinion since they’ve never seen what’s beneath.”

The 2019 coming-of-age idea “#I Speak My Truth” in the “#MyCalvins” campaign, led by Eilish, featured young celebrities telling inspiring stories about themselves in order to inspire others to stay true to themselves.

Eilish appeared to have become more comfortable with her figure over time, posing in a variety of more exposing outfits on her Instagram account.

In May, she posed for British Vogue in pink and flesh lingerie, complete with a Marilyn Monroe-style blond wig.


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