Bam Margera is accused of assaulting a woman while high on cocaine; his representative calls the allegations “false.”


Bam Margera is accused of assaulting a woman while high on cocaine; his representative calls the allegations “false.”

Bam Margera allegedly “attacked” a woman in his hotel room while under the influence of cocaine, according to a 911 caller, before being brought to a rehab clinic in Florida by police on Sept. 26.

The unidentified caller, who claimed to be there for a “pick-up order,” told the dispatcher that the persons inside the 42-year-old “Jackass” star’s room were “doing cocaine,” according to the 911 call acquired by Page Six from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. The man did not specify which persons were using narcotics.

Margera “attacked her, grabbed her breast, and she stated she thinks he tore her implant,” the caller claimed, referring to the star’s alleged victim.

The 911 call was “demonstrably and absolutely false,” according to a rep for Margera, who was in the hotel room with his 65-year-old “clean and sober” aunt when police “escorted Bam back to rehab and laid no charges whatsoever against him.”

Margera told TMZ last week that he went to rehab after a concerned loved one reported him to authorities after seeing a photo of him holding a drink.

However, the caller stated that there were two ladies with Margera at the time he called 911, but did not indicate which one was the purported victim of the incident.

One of the ladies was an alleged prostitute, according to the caller, while the other was an unidentified woman he referred to as Margera’s alleged “minder,” which is a person whose job it is to watch after someone.

The man also stated that he had not seen Margera “yet today” at the time of the 911 call.

According to him, the supposed “minder” informed him about the claims.

The dispatcher inquired if the claimed victim required the services of a paramedic, to which the caller answered that he wasn’t sure. “Absolutely, there’s no doubt about it,” the caller said when asked if the skateboarder and stunt performer was inebriated. “He’s extremely highly intoxicated,” he said. Margera, according to the man, had fled from three treatment facilities in the last two months.

In a statement to Page Six, Margera’s representative said that the 911 call charges were “likely manufactured by persons who have an ax to grind against Bam in his case against Paramount.” There are millions of dollars on the line as a result of Bam’s alleged torture at the hands of Paramount. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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