Autobiography of Woody Allen will not be published


The autobiography of Woody Allen does not appear after all. Publisher’s employees had demonstrated against the book. It’s about the abuse allegations against the director.

The US filmmaker’s autobiography, controversial because of the abuse allegations against Woody Allen, will not be published. The decision was not an easy one, a spokeswoman for the publishing house Hachette announced on Friday.

After “intensive discussions” over the past few days, however, it was finally decided not to release the work about director Woody Allen (84) on April 7 as planned. Allen will get back the rights to “Apropos of Nothing”.

On Thursday, dozens of employees of Grand Central Publishing, which belongs to Hachette and wanted to launch the autobiography, had demonstrated against the planned publication. Dylan Farrow (34), who claims to have been abused by Allen in the 1990s when she was seven, welcomed the decision on Twitter. She was “very grateful”, wrote the 34-year-old.

Allen‘s adopted son Ronan Farrow (32), who had fallen out with the director a long time ago, had threatened to no longer work with Hachette. The publishing group has published his bestseller “Catch and Kill” (in German: “Durchbruch: Der Weinstein-Skandal, Trump und die Folgen”).

Woody Allen always rejected accusations
Farrow’s book was based on his research into the abuse allegations made by numerous women against the former Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein (67). Farrow had thus made a contribution to the clarification of the scandal that had set the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse in motion.

In the course of the #MeToo movement, Allen had also been confronted again with the abuse accusations of his adopted daughter Dylan. The allegations had been investigated in two separate proceedings in the 1990s. In the end, Allen was not accused.

Supported by her mother, the actress Mia Farrow (75), and her brother Ronan, Dylan confirmed her accusations against the filmmaker in 2018, which the now 84-year-old always rejected.


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