Ashley Graham Takes a Nude Mirror Selfie and Shows Off Her Huge Baby Bump.


Ashley Graham Takes a Nude Mirror Selfie and Shows Off Her Huge Baby Bump.

As she anticipates the arrival of her twin boys, Ashley Graham is enjoying her pregnancy figure and has published another nude photo.

In a fresh mirror photo she posted on her Instagram Story on Thursday, the 33-year-old model bared it all and flaunted her big baby bulge, according to People.

She’s wearing nothing but earrings and a high ponytail in the photo. She posed with her torso facing sideways, one hand covering her breast, to offer supporters a clear view of her baby bulge.

Graham and her husband, Justin Ervin, announced in July that they are expecting their second child, just a year and a half after welcoming their first kid, 21-month-old boy Isaac Menelik Giovanni. The couple then discovered they are expecting twin sons.

“The past year has been full of small delights, big losses, old beginnings, and new tales. In the first statement, Graham stated, “I’m only beginning to understand and celebrate what this next step means for us.”

Later, the model revealed how she and her 32-year-old husband learned they were expecting twins. Last month, she shared a video from her ultrasound checkup on Instagram.

“Are you serious?” says the narrator. We’re having three boys?” “You’re kidding me!” Graham exclaimed, while Ervin looked on in bewilderment. Graham’s recent snapshot wasn’t the first time she’d shown off her entire body while chronicling her pregnancy on social media this year.

She shared a nude selfie on her Instagram Story in July, in which she posed with only a towel covering her hair. To hide her modesty, she covered her breasts with one arm and positioned one of her legs slightly in front of the other. She also drew some squiggles on her bottom to hide it.

Graham also took off his clothes for a maternity photoshoot in August.

She joked at the time, “Uh oh, she’s naked again.”

The photographs showed the woman posing in front of a blurred palm tree background with her arm concealing her breasts.

During an interview with People earlier this month, Graham revealed that he is expecting twins. She mentioned that being in control “simply gets tossed out the window” during pregnancy, something she learned when she was expecting her son Isaac.

“I learned that the hard way when I tried to control everything when pregnant with Isaac and assured myself that I’d bounce back because I’m a fighter.” The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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