Asda’s George is ‘killing it’ with his new ‘beautiful’ autumn collection.


Asda’s George is ‘killing it’ with his new ‘beautiful’ autumn collection.

Customers at George at Asda were “obsessed” after seeing the store’s “beautiful” new autumn range.

George, Asda’s in-house brand, has acquired a devoted following on social media, where it keeps customers up to date on all new stock and product launches.

Budget-friendly George is well-known for their diverse selection of on-trend clothing, homeware, accessories, and more.

Primark’s £20 boots are “beautiful” and “need in every color,” according to customers.

The G21 line of the brand is a major hit with fashionistas, with the most recent collection making a stir online.

George at Asda posted a carousel of photographs on its Instagram feed featuring freelance stylist @emilyrosemoloney highlighting its new G21 range. Autumnal colors including browns, oranges, and traces of cream are used in the clothes.


“The clothing you didn’t realize you needed until NOW,” George captioned the photographs. In our new G21 collection, we are OBSESSED with @emilyrosemoloney. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by… Now is the time to shop the drop!”

The clothes were a huge hit, with the post receiving over 2,500 likes.

In the comments section, customers expressed their opinions.

“Got the first trousers and long cardy to try on, and now I need that argyle vest to relive my teen wardrobe,” Lucy added.

Jennifer described herself as “obsessed.”

“Gorgeous,” exclaimed Josh.

“Pleaseee let me know if we get the first jumper in,” Amy said, tagging a buddy.

“Check out some of these beauties,” Courtney added, tagging Emily, who replied, “love the first one.” “And me, I can’t believe it’s George,” Courtney added.

“I’m in love with these brown jeans,” Rebecca said.

“George is killing it,” Claire replied.

Lauren remarked on a friend’s post, “wtf??? “Asda is doing some work.”

“Wow,” Chloe exclaimed.

“Gorgeous,” Amy said.

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