Are you looking for some puppy love? How to get dating advice from your pet


Are you looking for some puppy love? How to get dating advice from your pet

Many singletons are racing online as the lockdown is lifted in the hopes of finding some puppy love of their own.

At times, the online dating world can feel like a savage beast, and understanding what you should and shouldn’t do on a date can be a bit difficult.

As crazy as it may seem, adopting a few behavioural suggestions from our canine companions might help things run smoothly. From proper grooming to loyalty and a fun side, dogs can teach us a thing or two about how to avoid making dating a dog’s meal….


When your dog returns from the groomer, do you know? You’re smelling great, you’ve just had your hair cut, and you’re looking sharp and squeaky clean? He or she is looking their finest, and you think they’re even cuter than before.

In fact, all you want to do is give them hugs and kisses.

Humans exhibit the same behavior. We feel better when we look well, which helps us appear comfortable and confident on a date. It demonstrates respect not only for yourself, but also for the person you’re dating – no one wants to date a scruffy stray.

Wagging tail

You know when your dog’s tail won’t stop wagging, you know he or she is ecstatic? When your dog’s tail is down, you can tell they’re upset, and it makes you nervous as well. It’s simple to absorb your dog’s energy and excitement when he’s thrilled and having a good time. Smiling has the same effect on humans. A reassuring smile and a contagious chuckle can help set the tone for a great date. Everyone adores a rambunctious puppy.


For disappointed singletons, lockdown forced them to be extremely resourceful if they wanted to continue dating. No more dinner and drinks – it was a case of walks in the rain, supermarket trysts and online chatting. But consider this: when is one of your dog’s happiest moments? Usually when he or she is about to embark on an adventure. The summary comes to a close.


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