Amanda Knox Slams Matt Damon’s ‘Stillwater’ For Ruining Her Reputation


Amanda Knox Slams Matt Damon’s ‘Stillwater’ For Ruining Her Reputation

Amanda Knox has spoken out about her dissatisfaction with Matt Damon’s latest picture, “Stillwater.” Before the film’s July 30 theatrical debut, Knox rushed to Twitter to criticize it for “inaccurately” portraying her real-life experience.

The murder of Knox’s roommate, Meredith Kercher, in 2007 was a loose inspiration for “Stillwater.” Director and co-writer Tom McCarthy discussed how Knox’s ties to the murder case motivated him and his co-writers to write the drama in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

They wanted to reimagine a scenario that would depict what it was like for Knox’s family to go through her conviction and acquittal in a foreign country, he added.

“But let me fictionalize everything surrounding this portion of the story—an American woman studying overseas who is involved in some type of sensational crime and ends up in jail,” he told the publication.

Knox lashed out against how “Stillwater” utilized her tale in a Twitter exchange on Thursday. “Do I have the right to use my own name?” Is that my face? What about my personal life? What is the plot of my story? She wrote, “Why does my name refer to events in which I had no involvement?” “I keep coming back to these questions because people benefit from my name, face, and narrative without my permission. The film #STILLWATER was released recently.”

She also attacked the term “Amanda Knox Saga,” claiming it has nothing to do with “whatever I did.” She added, “It refers to the circumstances that followed Meredith Kercher’s death by a burglar named Rudy Guede.”

Knox attributed her unjust conviction to “poor police work, prosecutorial tunnel vision, and the Italian police’s unwillingness to confess their faults.”

She went on to justify herself, claiming that while in prison, she had no control over her public image. “Everyone else in that ‘saga’ had more power over events than I did,” she claimed, adding, “The authorities’ incorrect focus on me led to the press’s incorrect attention on me, which influenced how I was viewed.”

In Italy, Knox was convicted of Kercher’s murder but was later acquitted. In 2013, her acquittal was reversed, and she was convicted for the second time in 2014. In 2015, her conviction was eventually overturned.


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