All hail Fish and Chip Day, the quintessential summer holiday staple.


All hail Fish and Chip Day, the quintessential summer holiday staple.

On June 4th, we celebrate Fish and Chip Day, when we honor the culinary classic: a sizzling hot dish of battered fish topped with a mound of deep-fried, golden chips.

While this classic pairing may be enjoyed anywhere, at any time, there’s something particularly tempting about a fish and chip supper by the sea…

Fish tastes better when you’re near the water.

Only being a short distance from the ocean ensures that the freshest catch of the day lands on your plate (or cardboard tray).

There are numerous options available.

While cod and haddock are the most prevalent white fish on chip shop menus, pollock, plaice, hake, skate, and other white fish may also be featured.

For some, mushy peas are a must-have side, while others prefer pickled eggs or ‘scraps’ (pieces of leftover fried batter), and there’s always the question of whether you really need a huge piece of chips. (In most cases, the answer is yes.)

Everyone has a favorite sauce.

Some argue that chips are incomplete without a heavy coating of salt and a liberal splash of vinegar, while others insist that tartar sauce is the perfect complement. The issue over ketchup vs. brown sauce is unlikely to be resolved any time soon.

You can take pleasure in geographical variances.

While purists may argue that you should only order fish and chips from a fish and chip store, venture off the beaten path and you may be rewarded for your curiosity.

Battered ‘orange’ chips in the Black Country, bolognese sauce and chips in Newcastle, and, of course, Scotland’s famed deep-fried Mars Bar are just a few of the ‘delicacies’ available at chippies (or ‘chippers’) around the country.

They are able to help you forget about the harsh weather.

While there’s no assurance of sunshine near the sea, you can be sure that eating fresh-from-the-fryer fish and chips will help you forget about the dismal clouds, nonstop drizzle, and those seagulls flying a little too close for comfort.

They give you a nostalgic feeling.

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