Alexis Bledel just revealed what about ‘Gilmore Girls’ irritates her the most.


Alexis Bledel just revealed what about ‘Gilmore Girls’ irritates her the most.

Alexis Bledel reflects on her time on Gilmore Girls. The 39-year-old actor rose to fame as Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls in the early 2000s and now stars on Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Bledel is sharing what “really irritated” her on Gilmore Girls, a costume she recalls as “humiliating,” five years after reprising her appearance in the show’s Netflix revival.

Alexis Bledel’s first acting role was on ‘Gilmore Girls.’

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When she landed the part of Lorelai Gilmore’s (Lauren Graham) book-loving daughter bent on attending Harvard University, Bledel had no previous TV or film experience. Her first major acting role was on Gilmore Girls.

Bledel didn’t meet Graham until the Gilmore Girls cast started shooting the pilot. The on-screen mother and daughter were first introduced in a Canadian hotel lobby.

“Isn’t that insane to think about now?” “They didn’t read with us, they didn’t sit us down, they just said, ‘Yeah,’” Graham said in a joint interview with Bledel with Glamour in 2016.

When the Gilmore Girls pilot was filmed, Bledel was 18 years old. She learned the ins and outs of starring on the fast-talking series from Amy Sherman-Palladino as the show got underway. Graham assisted her in the early episodes. Bledel’s TV mother would sometimes put her arm around her and assist her with difficult camerawork.

Graham told TODAY in 2015, “I remember a lot of times just sort of grabbing her, just kind of guiding her arm.” “At first, people say things like, ‘You have such amazing chemistry.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m going to maul her.’ That is why.’

The Rory Gilmore actor was ‘really annoyed’ when she had to wear a ‘humiliating’ costume

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