Aidan’s comeback as Johnny drowns has left Coronation Street viewers in tears.


Aidan’s comeback as Johnny drowns has left Coronation Street viewers in tears.

The killing of Johnny Connor on Coronation Street shocked many.

Jenny had fallen down a sinkhole in the Platt’s yard, prompting Johnny to enter the sewers.

The former couple snuggled as the water levels increased, trying to stay warm.

Maximus Evans, who plays Corey on Corrie, said that his co-stars struggle not to view him as Corey.

They also expressed their affection for one another, with Johnny confessing that his son Aidan’s suicide had had a profound impact on him.

Shona Platt fortunately came to their aid and attempted to feed a rope to Jenny and Johnny.

Jenny was able to flee, but Johnny was knocked out.

In his delirium, he heard Aidan’s voice crying out to him, saying, “Dad.”

Johnny grinned as he slipped into the water, pleased to hear his son talk.

Aidan’s voice brought tears to fans’ eyes, as his suicide had come as a complete shock.

“Johnny hearing Aidan’s voice before he dies has pushed me over the edge,” Milly added.

Daniel wrote on Twitter: “Richard and Sally put on a fantastic show. It was quite moving for me. I’m sorry to see Johnny go; he’s been a pleasant, comfortable presence in this program for the past few years. There’s also a great nod to Aidan there.” Callum explained: “Oh, my goodness. I had goosebumps when I heard Aidan’s voice.” “Johnny hearing Aidan one last time was a great touch,” Declan added. “My heart has just shattered,” CC remarked of Johnny not hearing Aidan’s voice in his final moments. “Ok Johnny, seeing Aidan say ‘dad’ got me,” Clare tweeted.


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