After unlocking the door to her new flat, a teen’s face ‘plummeted.’


After unlocking the door to her new flat, a teen’s face ‘plummeted.’

Even before the new tenant had an opportunity to spend her first night there, a flat was plundered by burglars.

Caitlin Foster, 19, had only recently moved into her new studio flat on Clint Road in Edge Hill when it was robbed.

Caitlin, a first-year criminology student at Liverpool Hope University, had barely unpacked her belongings when she invited a few friends over on Saturday evening (July 31).

A teen who died at a caravan park was pictured with his brother, who has been accused with murder.

The buddies were relaxing in her new flat when they decided to go for takeout from a neighboring chippy.

When the friends returned after about five minutes, they discovered something was awry.

“The chippy is a 30 second walk; it’s so close, we didn’t even wear shoes,” Caitlin explained.

“I remember checking the window before we went, and I’m not sure whether it’s just me being foolish, but I didn’t check it thoroughly.

“When we returned, I opened the door and examined the desk that had been pushed aside.

“I started laughing at my friend and asked, ‘What have you done to my flat, why is there crap all over it?’ Why has everything been yanked out?

“They went and it wasn’t us, so I was like, who was it then?”

“After that, my friend’s face fell. She glanced beneath the bed where she kept her bag, which contained £350 in cash, and remarked, “The money is gone.”

Caitlin’s friend had received an advance on her earnings because she was going on vacation the following week and planned to exchange the money for Euros.

The valuables were not the only ones taken by the crooks. Caitlin’s Playstation 4 with controller pad, Apple AirPods, Pandora jewelry, and her friend’s pricey beauty kit were also missing.

Caitlin’s precious wooden box with John Lennon’s face on it, which she used to hold personal stuff and various bags, was also taken.

The thief had entered through a small window and remained inside for barely a few minutes before fleeing with Caitlin and her friend’s things.

“The craziest thing is, the day I moved here, I was telling my friends that I knew I was going to get robbed,” Caitlin continued. Then there’s the first.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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