After trying Jennifer Lopez’s beauty products, Alex Rodriguez launches his own makeup line.


After trying Jennifer Lopez’s beauty products, Alex Rodriguez launches his own makeup line.

Alex Rodriguez’s name has recently been in the news a lot. Following his split with Jennifer Lopez in April and his response to claims she’s reunited with Ben Affleck, the former baseball player made headlines. However, A.Rod’s name is now being listed in connection with his upcoming business venture, which is his own makeup.

Here’s what Rodriguez has to offer, as well as what J.Lo had to say about the MLB analyst testing out her beauty goods.

For men, Rodriguez has a makeup product.

On May 20, Rodriguez revealed on social media that he had teamed up with Hims & Hers, a beauty and wellness brand, to create a concealer line for men.

“I wanted to develop a product with the Hims & Hers team that addressed a problem I faced on a daily basis. I realized I needed something fast and simple in my routine to hide blemishes or razor bumps as I was rushing from meeting to meeting,” he tweeted.

“It’s a compact concealer specifically made for men that can be used for skin imperfections,” the former New York Yankees slugger added. Check it out; I think you’ll be shocked at how useful it is.”

The Blur Stick, as it’s called, comes in eight different colors and costs $17.

[email protected]: So you’re saying we produced a substance to hide acne, wrinkles, and razor bumps?

us: Do you recall winning two Golden Glove awards? Yes, indeed. covers ‘em like that. #BlurStick

— hims (@wearehims) May 20, 2021

Lopez also has a beauty line and said A. Rod tried all the products

Most of the reactions to his posts on Twitter and Instagram were positive, however, there were some negative comments from those who did not embrace men wearing makeup.

Men, on the other hand, have been wearing makeup for years. For example, just about all of the actors and anchors you see on TV have already normalized it by wearing it during broadcasts. So… This is a condensed version of the plot. Hope you enjoyed.


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