After ‘Thirteen,’ Nikki Reed claims she and Evan Rachel Wood didn’t speak for years.


After ‘Thirteen,’ Nikki Reed claims she and Evan Rachel Wood didn’t speak for years.

In the early 2000s, Thirteen was one of the most talked-about films. Tracey, a 13-year-old girl, has a tumultuous home life, despite her tight relationship with her mother, Melanie (Helen Hunt). She is a shy honors student who develops a friendship with Evie (Nikki Reed), the popular girl at school, and her life spirals out of control.

Tracey becomes engrossed in Evie’s world and is quickly absorbed by drugs, sex, and stealing until Melanie understands what is going on with her daughter. When it first came out, the controversial picture was critically lauded, earning Catherine Hardwicke a Sundance Directing Award and Golden Globe nominations.

Despite the film’s popularity, Reed and Wood did not talk for several years after its premiere.

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Is the movie ‘Thirteen’ based on a genuine story?

Despite critical acclaim for Hardwicke’s direction and the performances of Reed, Wood, and Hunt, the picture was highly divisive. Critics said it was exploitative, and they weren’t sure who the film was for because it featured children doing dangerous activities like self-harming and exploring their sexuality. Thirteen, on the other hand, was based on Reed’s real-life experiences.

Reed’s father had been in a long-term relationship with Hardwicke, and she pushed the actor to write about her childhood memories when she was 12-13 years old. In January 2002, the two spent six days writing the screenplay for Thirteen.

Despite the fact that parts of the events in Thirteen are fictional, Reed says she was motivated by her friends’ arrests for distributing meth when she was 13.

Evan Rachel Wood privately spoke to Nikki Reed about abuse for years, according to the ‘Twilight’ actress.

What were Nikki Reed and Evan Rachel Wood’s ages when they starred in ‘Thirteen’?

The film had such a genuine feel to it… This is a condensed version of the narrative. Hope you enjoyed.


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