After stumbling at a Halloween party, Ben Affleck raises concerns about his sobriety.


After stumbling at a Halloween party, Ben Affleck raises concerns about his sobriety.

After being seen looking a little tipsy while attending a Halloween party in Hollywood, Ben Affleck’s sobriety is still in doubt.

The actor has been working hard to stay sober in recent years, and his most recent stint has fans concerned that he’s on the verge of relapsing.

The actor appears to be on the verge of collapsing in the video.

Affleck is causing a lot of concern about his sobriety just a year after finding treatment for alcohol abuse.

The actor celebrated Halloween a little early this year by attending the UNICEF Masquerade Ball in West Hollywood this past weekend.

After a night of drinking, TMZ captured footage of an inebriated Affleck stumbling out of the Kimpton La Peer Hotel, wearing a skeleton mask.

After leaving the venue and posing for a picture with an anonymous woman, the actor loses his balance next to a parallel parked SUV.

Affleck can be seen stumbling backwards and almost falling over in the video, but he quickly recovers after catching the vehicle for help.

After regaining his balance, Affleck walks over to another parked SUV and enters the back passenger door, oblivious to paparazzi questions.

The next day, Affleck seemed to be in good spirits when he told paparazzi about his mishap outside of ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s Los Angeles home.

The Triple Frontier actor told reporters, “Well, you know, it happens.” “It was a slip, but I’m not going to let it get in the way of my progress.”

Affleck is also working on his sobriety.

While this isn’t the first time he’s made a mistake, Affleck’s battle with alcoholism is a never-ending battle for him.

“For those dealing with addiction, sobriety is complicated and elusive, and Ben has admitted he’ll slip up from time to time,” a source recently told E! News.

“It was never as if he could put this behind him.”

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