After Nick Cordero’s death, Amanda Kloots responds to dating criticism and continues to wear her wedding ring.


After Nick Cordero’s death, Amanda Kloots responds to dating criticism and continues to wear her wedding ring.

After losing her husband Nick Cordero last year, Amanda Kloots is coming out about her dating troubles.

The fitness instructor talked about “dating after loss” with friend Brandon Janous, a widower and father of three, during an Instagram Live on Sunday. Kloots responded to the backlash she received after revealing on “The Talk” that she re-entered the dating market a year after Cordero died of COVID-19 complications.

Kloots began by expressing that she, like other widows, “would never, ever stop loving” Cordero and “will never, ever stop missing” him.

“I think every day I will miss Nick, even if I find fantastic love again and am beyond happy,” she stated. “I’ll gaze at Elvis every day and wish Nick could see what he’s accomplishing. That is not going to change.”

Kloots admitted that she’s been on a few dates that were more about “great discussion” than anything romantic.

“I don’t know whether you call them dates because they’ve been super duper informal because that’s all I’m comfortable with right now,” she explained.

“My wedding band is still on my finger. I haven’t removed it… To be honest, taking off my wedding ring before the date makes me feel like I’m cheating on my spouse in some strange way, which is absurd because I’m not,” she admitted.

Kloots also stated that she is still unmarried, despite having a few dates.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” she says. I’m no longer in love. I’m not planning a covert wedding. I’m not trying to hide the fact that I’m expecting a child. “None of that is correct,” she clarified.

“It’s amazing what people assume, and then here you are, struggling every day,” she concluded. Every single day. Last night, I wept myself to sleep. This pain will not go away because, as I already stated, it is a deep wound. It doesn’t go away, but you know, the only way to know if you’re ready, or in my perspective, the only way to know if you’re ready is to try.”

Kloots questioned Janous, whose wife Rachel was unwell for two years before succumbing to cancer, if he and his late wife ever talked about him finding love again – something she and Cordero had obviously never addressed. Janous revealed that his wife would always remind him before she died. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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