After discovering a lump, a woman who was “not the least bit concerned” was handed life-changing news.


After discovering a lump, a woman who was “not the least bit concerned” was handed life-changing news.

Just months before she was to marry and begin her new life, a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Sarah Vaughan, 43, had a lengthy history of non-cancerous lumps in her breast tissue and stated she was unconcerned when she discovered another lump in her right breast during routine exams.

Sarah, from St Helens, initially noticed a lump in her breast in 2000, which was quickly classified as a fibroid anoma, a benign, non-cancerous breast mass.

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In the years that followed, she developed a number of these, which she says contributed to her lack of concern whenever she discovered a new lump or change in her body.

In 2017, she discovered another another lump, which she described as feeling very similar to the tissue that formed throughout our years of breastfeeding.

Sarah explained, “I saw a really large, hard lump in my right breast out of the blue one day, but since I had detected a few fibroid anomas, I wasn’t the least bit concerned, not at all.”

The alarm bells started to sound when she went to get checked again and the expert pointed out a pea-sized tumor in her armpit. Sarah admitted that she had completely forgotten that malignant lumps can also be found in the armpits, and that she had neglected to check this area during her routine examinations.

She received her diagnosis on the same day she and her partner Rob moved into their new house after several consultations.

“It’s difficult to express in a few words,” she remarked. It’s a feeling of disbelief, as if I want I could go back to when I didn’t know and my life wasn’t flipped upside down.”

Sarah had only known Rob for a year when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and they had since gotten engaged and started planned their wedding day when she felt her life start to fall apart.

Despite the prognosis, the pair refused to let anything stop them from marrying on their wedding day, and they pushed the date forward. “The summary has come to an end.”


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