After appearing on “Who’s the Boss,” Leah Remini wanted to be “just like” Tony Danza.


After appearing on “Who’s the Boss,” Leah Remini wanted to be “just like” Tony Danza.

Leah Remini began her acting career as a guest star on prominent sitcoms in the 1980s.

Judith Light and Katherine Helmond, who she shared the screen with during a fleeting role on Who’s the Boss?, left an indelible impression on the King of Queens star. However, Remini’s most vivid memory is of learning the ropes from series star Tony Danza, who offered her a crash course in acting.

Tony Danza became Leah Remini’s mentor.

Making an appearance on Who’s the Boss? Remini starred as Charlie Briscoe, an adolescent from Tony Micelli’s (Danza) old Brooklyn neighborhood who makes a visit to her friend Samantha in 1989. (Alyssa Milano). While Remini was ecstatic to be working with the entire group, Danza had a particular impression on her.

In her 2015 biography, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, she stated, “No one was more influential for me during that crash course in how to be a comedy star than Tony Danza.” “Tony showed me the value of turning the page before the next line in order to keep the joke’s rhythm….” Also, always greet your coworkers. Know their names at all times. Make eye contact with the other person. Tony was really concerned with the staff and everybody who became a part of the set.”

Danza was gracious to everybody who appeared on the show as guests, making it a point to make everyone feel at ease.

“He told me that it was important to introduce yourself to the guest cast,” Remini remarked. “Make them feel at home. Don’t ignore people.”

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Leah Remini got schooled by Tony Danza

The King of Queens alum described Danza’s consideration of the studio audience while working on the sitcom, where she received a reprimand from the Who’s the Boss? star.

“Tony was very warm and efficient,” Remini explained. “He was strict in the way his set ran, which I learned when I broke one… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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