After a horrific incident, Ben Shephard of Tipping Point says he now has a “bionic limb.”


After a horrific incident, Ben Shephard of Tipping Point says he now has a “bionic limb.”

After suffering a horrific accident while playing football, Ben Shephard claims he now has a “bionic limb.”

The presenter of Good Morning Britain and Tipping Point is now healing from ligament and muscle tears.

Ben had been playing in a veterans’ football tournament last month, but he was left bed-bound and in need of surgery after the game.

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Ben, 46, has been documenting his rehabilitation on Instagram, with his most recent post showcasing his new electrostimulation gadget.

Ben added, “I’ve got some sparkling new stuff, a little bit of tech,” as he demonstrated his new tool, which is controlled by a remote.

“It’ll make my muscles function while I’m rehabilitating.”

He had the brace around his knee and sensors on his thighs as he turned it on with the remote in the next post.

According to the Mirror, the equipment emitted a thumping sound that grew louder as he increased the volume on the remote.

“Right just attempting to activate the quad while lowering the edema around my knee,” Ben captioned the video.

In the next film, he sat with his feet up on his bed, increasing the stimulation on his leg.

“Gone full bionic leg, @complex uk @physiolabtechnologies,” Ben captioned the photo.

Ben suffered horrific injuries in the crash, including rupturing his ACL, shredding his meniscus, and breaking his leg.

Ben informed his followers about his injuries, saying, “A few weeks ago, you may recall I played in the Cup Final of the Arthur Dunn veterans cup, my old boy’s team.”

“We won the Cup Final, but I had two legs at the start and only one in the end.

“I ruptured my ACL, tore my meniscus, and broke a portion of my leg without realizing it.”

Susanna Reid, Ben’s co-host on GMB, had offered her best wishes to the broadcaster.

He indicated last month that getting back to full health would be a “long” and “slow” journey.

Ben remarked in a video he posted online following his surgery, “So they’ve repaired the ACL and meniscus and now starts the therapy – very gradual, long rehab.” I must say, the.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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