After a fatal game went wrong, a friend attempted valiantly to save the youngster.


After a fatal game went wrong, a friend attempted valiantly to save the youngster.

Parents of a 12-year-old kid died on live train lines today questioned why all routes onto the tracks had not been cut off to avert the tragedy.

While playing the popular “Flip the Bottle” game with a buddy, James Myers climbed over railings up onto a bridge across Bedford Road in Bootle, then ventured onto the track below to retrieve the object.

But, shortly after a train passed by, he slipped on a damp wooden sleeper and fell onto the high-voltage rail, where he was “catastrophically” electrocuted.

His parents, Sharon and Kevin, spoke to the ECHO after his inquest this morning at Bootle Town Hall about their son, their continued grief, and to seek answers from Network Rail, who manage access and procedures to prevent individuals, particularly youngsters, from getting onto the network.

James shimmied up a 6ft railing to a stone parapet and then slid down to the trains from a metal bridge above, according to the court.

The railing had been used as a “rudimentary ladder” by the Newfield School student, who had pushed his feet into gaps as grips to clamber up, according to a British Transport Police sergeant.

The inquest heard how Network Rail has carried out repairs at the site following the tragedy on the evening of Monday, October 14, 2019, with extra and more durable fencing to prevent individuals from obtaining access to the tracks again.

It was now “impossible” for someone to get onto the dangerous lines from that area, according to Sgt Ian Henderson.

The remark led a member of the Myers family to interject, saying, “It shouldn’t have been like way in the first place.”

Mum “We are frustrated Network Rail has never spoken to us in any manner, with no apology or a response,” Sharon later told the ECHO.

“His death has irrevocably changed our life; we’ll never see him grow up, give us grandkids, or marry…

“When we see youngsters on the street, we wonder what James would be like now.”

“The officials claim the rails are 6 feet high, but they’re much lower, and it’s only a stepping stone for a 12-year-old.”

“The next day, a buddy of James returned. The summary comes to a close.


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