According to Olivia Holt, Mallory changed Kate’s outlook in this one way in “Cruel Summer.”


According to Olivia Holt, Mallory changed Kate’s outlook in this one way in “Cruel Summer.”

Cruel Summer is a huge smash, and fans can’t get enough of Freeform’s latest series. It truly drives home the point that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and it also shows victims of abuse in a fresh light. It keeps people guessing week after week, which is one of the reasons it’s so addictive.

Given that Mallory was initially opposed to Jeanette’s preoccupation with Kate in 1993, one unexpected friendship to bloom on the show was between Kate and Mallory. According to actor Olivia Holt, Mallory was able to provide Kate with just what she needed all along. [Warning: There will be spoilers for Cruel Summer to episode 8].

Kate Wallis’ “perfect” existence is snatched away from her in “Cruel Summer.”

The 1990s were the ideal setting for Harley Quinn Smith’s ‘Clerks’ reference.

Kate Wallis’ disappearance and subsequent return, as well as the aftermath, are the central themes of Cruel Summer. It also demonstrates how the consequences turned Jeanette Turner’s and Kate’s lives upside down. Everything appears to be a ruse; aside from the fact that Kate is a victim, little else is certain. And Kate’s mother Joy’s relationship with her is a big foreshadowing of later hardcore falsehoods.

The “hush, hush” character of their little Texas town leaks into how the Wallises conduct their lives, as Joy Wallis reveals to Vice-Principal Martin Harris the day after Kate goes missing. Everything is for show, and much of Kate’s “perfect” existence is really that. Perhaps her upbringing is one of the reasons she was so fast to succumb to Martin Harris’ charm, as she informed her mother in one of their major disagreements when she returned. She was raised to be helpful and courteous to adults in positions of authority.

Kate could not have asked for a better present than Mallory… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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