According to a royal biographer, Prince William will most likely be the worst in Prince Harry’s book.


According to a royal biographer, Prince William will most likely be the worst in Prince Harry’s book.

According to a royal specialist and a royal photographer, Prince Harry’s discoveries in his upcoming biography may have an impact on Prince William’s road to the throne.

Last week, the Duke of Sussex said that he is working on a “wholly genuine” memoir.

Ingrid Seward, author of “William & Harry,” gave her thoughts on Prince Harry’s book potentially harming the crown’s reputation if it is later inherited by his older brother.

“William is definitely the one who will come out worst of all because there is a feud between William and Harry, and basically if Harry says things about the monarchy that are wrong, that is William’s future,” Majesty Magazine’s editor-in-chief told GB News. “It is not Harry’s future; he is no longer in it, but it is William’s.”

Kent Gavin, a royal photographer, expressed similar sentiments. He warned that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are next in line after Prince Charles, have the most to lose in Prince Harry’s book.

“With Kate and William, the royal family is in good hands… with them at least,” Gavin told SheKnows. “I hope the institution will see it over the next 100 years; things are changing so quickly in all of our lives that you never know.”

“With Megan and Harry, I believe time will heal that divide and they will return,” he concluded. I hope so, but there’s a big issue right now with these novels that Harry has threatened to write, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens… As I previously stated, how much more of this is going to come out depends on how much more is going to come out. And, for the time being, he has the support of the British public.”

Prince Charles’ reaction to Prince Harry’s announcement was also mentioned by Seward. Following his youngest son’s book announcement, the Prince of Wales has been silent, presumably because he is upset about what the Duke of Sussex has been up to or will likely divulge about him in his memoir.

“Of course, no one mentions poor old Prince Charles, who has stayed eerily silent throughout,” Seward added. “It’s his son, and how awful can it be for him to hear Harry say that his father wasn’t a good father – which is basically what he’s already said?”

The royal family is said to be in a state of disarray. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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